Thursday, April 28, 2011

iDave diet, day 3

Day 3, all still going well.

Breakfast: roast veg + chickpeas
Pre-workout at gym: protein shake (definitely not part of the diet!)
Lunch: same as breakfast
Post-swim: cereal bar (again, not part of the diet)
Dinner: yet more chickpeas.

Getting bored of chickpeas now, and I'm really missing having a proper breakfast with porridge, juice and a white coffee.

End result (weight @6:30am, 28/04/11): 74.8kg. Pretty much the same as yesterday which (I hope) confirms current basic weight is <75kg.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

iDave diet, day 2

Success on day 2, no fails.

* Breakfast: peas. First time for everything, I suppose, but I don't think I'll voluntarily eat peas for breakfast again.

* Lunch: Spicy lentils. Yum.
Post spinning: cereal bar

* Dinner: huge bowl of salad, turkey steaks, a bit of roast veg (peppers and aubergines), a handful of the chickpeas I was preparing for today.

* Snacked on almonds during the day, trying hard not to eat too many of them. Black coffee, water and diet coke.

Only negative was the gym: I was doing squats, series of 25 with a 20kg bag on my shoulders, managed two series without any problem but completely failed on the third, the legs just wouldn't respond. Spinning after was a nightmare, and I'm feeling pretty stiff today. Hopefully this is simply the result of overdoing it, 105km on Sunday, spinning Monday, and then more squats than usual on Tuesday...

Edit: 74.6kg, down 1.5kg since yesterday?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

iDave diet, day 1

Started yesterday on the iDave diet plan (see: for examples), all went well at the start:

Breakfast: two-egg omelette.
Carb bar after spinning
Lunch: spicy lentils + diet coke
Dinner: it all went horribly wrong, and it Wasn't My Fault.

Daughters 1&2 had decided to have an "international dinner", with 5 dishes on the menu: papaya dip from Peru; bread scone things from Alaska; French peas; Chinese empanadillas (though they tasted pretty much like the standard Spanish bar ones, to be honest); and fruit skewers (not sure what country). The food was pretty good - surprisingly so - but apart from the peas none of it was allowed on my diet, and I after spending all day in the kitchen I could hardly tell them I wasn't going to eat it!

So, the results from day 1: FAIL. 76.1kg, no change there.