Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Time for a new language, Scala looks to be interesting:

* Mixins
* Closures
* Functional programming.

Of course, the only problem is finding something I really want to build with it, just playing around with code examples is going to be entertaining for all of about 5 minutes...

Any suggestions?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flickr Photo Download: Above Moralzarzal

Had a great ride today, with Gelu and Pedro. It was pretty chilly out, there was still a fair amount of snow about, but the sun beat down - and now I'm sunburnt! The route was nothing new, Villalba - Moralzarzal - Cañada - entrance to La Pedriza - Matalelpino - Becerril - Moralzarzal - Villalba, but I haven't been out on the bike for a while and it felt wonderful! I felt really strong, leading on all the climbs, no slack feelings on the flats, and enjoying the downhill bits.

Above Moralzarzal

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Working life

10 Modify
20 Compile
30 Deploy
40 JUnit
50 Goto 10

Fun fun fun for all the family. Will I ever manage to deliver this bloody project?

printf("Voy por aqui"); para java

For when log4j just won't do*:

System.err.println( new Exception().getStackTrace()[0] );

* Which is pretty much all the time when you're trying to debug an application in S*****s.